Frog Craft for Kids

My classroom is TOAD-ally not ready for school to start, but I am! I’m excited to meet a new group of wonderful, energetic, and smart kindergarten students! This frog craft for kids is a great way to show students that they are TOAD-ally awesome!

I am teaming up with Fiskars to provide you with five, back-to-school crafts throughout the week. This TOAD-ally awesome frog craft for kids is a great reminder of how students will make leaps and bounds of growth this year in school!

Please note that I am partnering with Fiskars and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Fiskars scissors makes this watermelon back-to-school craft both fun and safe for my kindergarten students! Be sure to check out all educational products that Fiskars has to offer by Clicking Here. Let’s grab our supplies and let’s get started!

I always look for crafts that are easy to prep, kid-friendly, and fun, too! This frog craft for kids will have your students hopping in excitement. Let’s get started!

1. Cut Card Stock with Fiskars Punchers

Use your Circle Lever Punch (XXXX-Large) to punch out green circles and red circle. These will be used to make the mouth of the frog. Prepping for a craft is easy with Fiskars punching products. Cutting these circles was a breeze and did not take a lot of time (we all know that teachers are short on time).

2. Adhere Circles Together and Fold

Adhere the red and green circles on top of one another. Fold circle in half. I recommend folding immediately after gluing together with your favorite adhesive. Else the paper might bubble or not adhere well if you what to fold it after it dries.

3. Cut Out Eyes and Add Detail

Use the Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Medium) to create the eyes for your frog. Add black dots on the circles using a black Sharpie Marker.

4. Adhere Eyes and Add Details

Adhere the eyes of your frog to the face using your favorite adhesive. Add two small black dots using a Sharpie Marker.

5. Making the Tongue

Create the tongue for your frog by cutting a long strip from red card stock. Use a pencil, pen, or other writing utensil to wrap your red strip of paper around it. This will make your frog’s tongue curl. Adhere the tongue inside the frog’s mouth.

6. Print Your Editable Tags

Add the final touch by downloading, personalizing, and printing these editable “Our class is TOAD-ally AWESOME!” tags. You can find the editable tags HERE. Be sure to check out my cactus, flower, watermelon, and pineapple crafts for kids, too!

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