Flower Craft for Kids

As we begin another school year, it is important to remember what students know coming into school (sometimes more than others). In kindergarten, I often have to remind myself that many come in to kindergarten not able to line up, to sit in their seats, or to raise their hand when they have a question. However, I’m amazed at how much they blossom into confident, smart, and energetic students as they adjust to the routines and procedures of the classroom.

I am teaming up with Fiskars to provide you with five, back-to-school crafts throughout the week. This bright and colorful flower craft for kids is a great reminder of how much your students will blossom this year.

Please note that I am partnering with Fiskars and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Fiskars scissors makes this flower back-to-school craft both fun and safe for my kindergarten students! Be sure to check out all educational products that Fiskars has to offer by Clicking Here. Let’s grab our supplies and let’s get started!

Soup cans, toilet paper rolls, and various containers of different sizes – these are all items that you can always find in a classroom. This craft is another craft that is perfect for utilizing these types of extra containers you might have.

This flower craft for kids is the perfect storage solution for all your crayons, markers, pens, and Fiskar scissors!

1. Fold and Cut Paper

Fold a piece of green construction paper or card stock in half. Use your Pointed-tip Kids Scissors (5″) or the Original Orange-handled Scissors™ (8″) scissors to make long cuts on the folded end of your paper. Get creative with your cuts by using Teresa Collins Paper Edgers (2-pack).

2. Adhere to Base and Arrange

After cutting a number of green stems for your flowers, glue them to a soup jar, toilet paper roll, or other container. I recommend using a hot glue gun to ensure that your paper sticks to the container. Layer the stems and “fan them out” to your liking.

3. Creating the Flowers!

Use the Floral Frenzy Intricate Shape Punch (2″) and the Pretty Scallops Lever Punch (XXXX-Large) to create your flower. Use a variety of colors of construction paper and/or card stock to make your flowers stand out. Use the Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Medium) to create the centers of your flowers.

4. Assembling Your Flowers

Assemble your flowers to your liking. Adhere each piece to one another using your favorite adhesive.

5. Assemble and Print Your Editable Tags

Adhere your flowers to the green stems using your favorite adhesive. Add the final touch by downloading, customizing, and printing these editable “We are Blooming in School!” tags. You can find the editable tags HERE. Be sure to check out my “Back to School Cactus Craft for Kids” and check back tomorrow for another back-to-school craft using Fiskars Products!


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