Christmas Bargains – 50-70% OFF

I can hardly believe that December is almost over… let alone that Christmas is over – phew I can finally relax! One of my favorite days of the year is shopping all the amazing deals the day after Christmas. We’re talking 50-70% off here people… What could be better than that? I tend to go a little crazy and purchase everything in sight. This year I definitely went a little overboard compared to last year.

This year I woke up at 5 AM. Yes, you read that correctly – 5 AM! On. Christmas. Break. What!?!? I met a colleague of mine (also a Kindergarten teacher) and we had a mission to go to the following stores: Walmart, Meijer, Target, Pier 1, Walgreens, KMart, and Michael’s.

First Stop – Walmart

The first stop – Walmart. From my experience from last year, I knew Walmart would have some amazing deals. What do I usually look for at Walmart? Incentives. Incentives. Incentives. They have a large selection of candy (baby bottle pops, gum, candy canes, etc.). I also purchase a lot of smaller toys for stocking stuffers. Walmart’s selection of stuffed animals is crazy! As you can see from my cart.. I went a little crazy.

At 7:00 we went to Meijer, but I wasn’t impressed with anything that they had there. I purchased bows for my parent Christmas wreath that my students make each year.

8:00 – We went to Pier 1. This store is NOT a good place to be the day after Christmas. I wanted everything! I definitely spoiled myself for some new classroom decorations for next year.

I won’t take you through the whole day, but I will tell you that we didn’t finish shopping until 3:00 PM! It was definitely a long day, but I got some amazing deals. Check out all the other pictures from our journey.

The “Aftermath” of shopping – Yikes!

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